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Don't just hang another generic, printed picture on that empty wall. Add life to your walls with a beautiful piece of art painted on wood. Stag Heaven features a strong and bold stag and a vibrant green forest. Stare in amazement as the art pops out from its beautiful, specially worn wooden frame.
Get in close and enjoy the real beauty with its wood like texture felt and seen on the print. You’ll see the vibrant artwork come alive with its meticulous details due to its carefully constructed, 2 - 4-day production process.
Hanging this picture on your wall is easy as all you need is one nail. Find the perfect space and hook this work of beauty with the assembly mounted on the back.
Details and features include:
• Multicolor
• 35 x 50 cm and 50 x 70 cm dimension
• 2 cm wood material
• Special worn wooden frame
Buy a Stag Heaven piece of art and decorate your walls with more than just a printed picture. Make your room come alive. Order today!