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That empty space on your wall is staring back at you, begging for you to hang something on it. Why not hang something that is both creative and functional.

The Tokyo wall clock boldly tells you the time by having each hour stamped out. Even those who struggle to tell time will be able to use this clock.

This clock is strong and solid as it is cast out of 2mm steel. Plus, hanging it is easy as attached to the back is an assembly requiring just one nail to have it up and looking stunning.

There are two options for you to choose from. Limited on space? The 50 x 50 cm makes for a perfect fit. Have lots of space? You’ll love the extra bold features found in the 70 x 70 cm version.

Features include:

• 2mm of specialty steel material

• 50 x 50 cm or 70 x 70 cm sizing options

• Gold metal colored hour, minute, and second hand.

Always know the time with this unique and bold wall clock. Order today and get free shipping.