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•Special Design Metal
•2 mm Steel Metal Material
•Special Lumpy Cast Colour
•You can hang the product on the wall  with one nail cause of the assemblyol on the back.
•For special measure and personal designs please contact us.


Bee Bird

Think of a house as a human body. The rooms are like body organs, and each is important because they make you feel whole. You cannot feel completely happy if you do not take care of each corner of your body…or house. On these lines, home decoration represents for the house the same thing breathing air represents for your lungs. Oftentimes, people overlook the importance of wall art, which is the focal point of every room. Among other innovate ideas, the metal bird wall art can create a dreamy atmosphere in your home.

Stylish decoration for bold homes

Walls can be decorated with the traditional rectangular paintings or posters, but if you want to be more creative and offer a spunky atmosphere in your home, you can choose from our numerous metal wall decorations, available in many different shapes, sizes and styles. The black metal bird artwork is the perfect choice for bold and wild souls, sympathizers of freedom, creativity, and art. This small item of decoration may be the focal point in your room, which will drag the house atmosphere around its symbolism. If you fell in love with our metal bird wall décor, you will certainly fall in love with our other wall decorations and ornaments as well.

The symbolism of bee birds

We did not choose to create a metal bird wall decor out of nowhere, especially as it represents a bee bird. According to the symbolism, bee birds represent aura, positive energies, healing, ability, movement, and social skills. Hanging this metal bird wall art in your room will immediately boost the general atmosphere of wellness and chillness. This small piece of art offers not only personality to your room but also a state of being to the general atmosphere. Check our website ByStag for more creative home décor ideas and reinvent your home forever.