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•Special Design Metal
•2 mm Steel Metal Material
•Special Lumpy Cast Colour
•You can hang the product on the wall  with one nail cause of the assemblyol on the back.
•For special measure and personal designs please contact us.


Cute Cat

We have great news for home décor lovers, art lovers, and most of all for cat lovers! One of the most creative and latest wall decoration item, the black cat metal wall art, is now available at The metal wall decorations are the most modern home decor items nowadays. They are stylish, catchy and suitable for all types of furniture and all the colors of the walls.

Metal wall art for your home

Have you ever scrolled down on Pinterest or Instagram and a home décor picture just got your attention? Most probably yes, and most certainly there was a beautiful wall art decoration hanging in the middle of the room. Wall decorations are the focal points of the rooms and they are considered the gems of the house when it comes to home décor. A cat wall decor may completely change the atmosphere of your room, from common and boring, to elegant and catchy. Many people underrate the importance of wall decorations, but there are plenty of reasons why we should never skip over decorating them, especially with a piece of cat metal wall art.

What does a cat wall decor say about your home?

It is widely known that people decorate their houses in lines with their personalities. While we never pay attention to this aspect, we may find ourselves surrounded by decorations and ornaments, which represent the hidden desires of our souls. Home decoration is necessary for your house in the same way food is necessary for your living. After all, what is a house without beautiful ideas represented on the walls? The metal cat wall decor symbolizes rebirth and resurrection, pure spirits, elegance, and sensuality.

Why is wall art important?

It has been discovered that our general state of happiness is influenced by the place we live in and by how pleasant we consider it to be. Home is a place where we escape from daily struggle, especially after a stressful day at work. Even if we do not realize, the atmosphere in our homes influences our wellbeing. Try to imagine arriving at home, laying on your comfortable sofa and looking towards the black cat metal wall art hanging on the wall. Even for few seconds, your thoughts may go far away, where the symbolism of this beautiful creature will carry you. At ByStag you can choose from numerous of wall arts, from metal decors to tableaus, posters and wall clocks, all of them modern and stylish.