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October 15, 2019 3 min read

Kitchen Wall Decor

Have you ever thought how much time you spend in your kitchen weekly? Well, it may depend on gender, occupation, culture, and nationality, but on average, a person spends around ten hours in the kitchen weekly. This precious time can become more pleasant than ever with the right kitchen wall decor, which will accompany you while cooking or eating and will set the perfect ambiance in your kitchen for you and your family.

Kitchen Wall Decor

A kitchen is not only the place where you cook and eat but also a place where you socialize with your friends and family. In more than half of the houses worldwide, the kitchen serves as a dining room as well. Setting a beautiful atmosphere in your kitchen will increase the quality of your time spent here, which will consequently have a positive impact on your family relationships. There are countless possibilities to decorate your kitchen with style, but we are going to concentrate on kitchen wall decor ideas, which are the most suitable for small and crowded spaces. If you have a small kitchen and you struggle to decorate it, you should know that walls are the secret gems of your house when it comes to home decoration.

Why is the kitchen atmosphere so important?

Cooking is the first thing most of us do when we come home from work. Spending some pleasant time in the kitchen may help you get rid of the stress accumulated during the day. Unfortunately, many people find cooking a slog, especially after a tiring day at work. Instead of seeing this activity as a burden, you can start by decorating your kitchen as your “escape corner” from the daily struggle. It has been discovered that a pleasant home atmosphere increases the secretion of happiness hormones. Wonderful news, isn't it? Who would have known that some paintings, clocks, and shelves full of flowers, ornaments, and photos can boost your general state of happiness, and even better, while cooking? People overlook very often the importance of wall art, which is actually the focal point of every room. Therefore, if you want to change the atmosphere of your kitchen, start with adding a kitchen wall decor...or more!

Choosing the perfect kitchen wall decor

The first things you should consider while choosing a wall decoration for your kitchen are the furniture style and the predominant color of the room. Matching the colors and the style of the kitchen with the wall decorations is the rule number one for a successful room ambiance. Selecting wall art by theme may be the easiest way to decorate your kitchen because you can quickly eliminate the items which do not fit your theme. While wood and antique decorations are a better fit for rustic kitchens, abstract paintings or letter-shaped wall accessories add more style to modern kitchens. Either way, the walls of a kitchen should never remain empty. Having no kitchen wall decor is like heaving a house with no personality.

The best kitchen wall decor ideas

When people think about redecorating their hose, they get stuck on the idea of changing the furniture or painting the walls, which can be very expensive and time-consuming. Few of us realize that paintings on the wall and some ornaments can drastically change the atmosphere. Here are some kitchen wall decor ideas you can use if you consider transforming your kitchen in a dreamy room. After choosing a theme for your kitchen, you can start by searching for some paintings or posters suitable for your concept. Nowadays, these accessories have been reinvented, and even a small framed poster can be a great piece of art. The ones that image animals in simple lines, colorful fruits or abstract paintings are our favorite. If you want to be even more creative, you can try to place some shelves on the walls and fill them with ornaments, flower pots, candles, books, or whatever your creativity brings up. Metal ornaments in different shapes, such as animals, world map or human bodies are great options for unhackneyed kitchen decor ideas. And let us give you a small hint: try to place the shelves asymmetrically.

If you liked the idea of metal ornaments (honestly, there is no possibility that you wouldn’t like), you can go further and choose some metal wall accessories. The image of a sleeping cute little panda may be a great idea for a cozy kitchen, while a bold stag will be very suitable for a spunky atmosphere. Last but not least, do not forget to put a clock on the wall. The baking time of your food must be counted somehow!

Now that you have decided to give some personality to the walls in your house, we invite you to visit our website bystag.cofor countless of wall decoration idea.