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November 08, 2019 4 min read

Bathroom Metal Wall Art

Let’s face it. The bathroom is the last room we take into consideration when we want to decorate our house. We take it for granted and we forget that bathrooms are the most important places in our house. There are many people out there, who do not give their bathroom too much thought. However, your bathroom matters more than you may think! The reasons why bathrooms are so important to go beyond their functionality. Here are five reasons why your bathroom is so important and why you might decorate it with bathroom wall art.

Setting the tone for the day

Aside from our bed, the bathroom is the place where we begin and end each day. Very often, our mood for the day is shaped by the little time we spend in the bathroom in the morning. In other words, a beautiful design, which may include a bathroom metal wall art, will set the tone for what is going to happen for the rest of the day. Spending quality time in the bathroom in a beautiful ambiance can have a great influence for the rest of the day, as well as for ending it on high tones. Furthermore, did you know that the average person spends around 1.5 years of their life, in the bathroom? In some cases, it might be 1.5 years of your life waiting to use the bathroom. So, would you like to spend so much time in your life, and not admiring a quality piece of art, such as
a bathroom metal wall art?

beebird bathroom wall decor

A place for finding inspiration

It is already widely known that the best ideas come in the shower. The bathroom is considered that sacred
space where we have little distractions and we concentrate more on our inner selves. Many people take crucial decisions while taking a bubble bath while singing in the shower or while putting on your make–up. Others find the bathrooms the perfect place to prepare for job interviews, presentations or important meetings at work. A standard bathroom wall art or a bathroom metal wall art gives an elegant note to your bathroom and it can set the whole atmosphere in the room. The wall decorations are perfect for bathrooms, as these rooms are generally small and extra pieces of décor will overcrowd the place.

The safe place in the house

When someone is in the bathroom, this means “Do not enter!”. It is the only room in the house, where people understand the true meaning of privacy. The bathroom offers that momentary space of solitude, where you can relieve the stress accumulated during the day, with a long and relaxing warm bath or a hot shower. Studies revealed that bathrooms are the first rooms in which people prefer to spend their first minutes when they arrive home after a long day at work. A hot shower in a cozy atmosphere will switch their mood from stress to relaxation and fulfillment. That is why a bathroom becomes more than just a simple room in the house, it becomes a safe space for any individual. Feeling comfortable in a room is interconnected with the general ambiance of the place. Therefore, bathroom decorations are essential for those who want to spend quality time
in their safe spot. We offer the cutest and most fashionable pieces of bathroom wall art, which can set the perfect ambiance for your bathroom.

Sets the tone for the entire home

The design of your bathroom, and how it is put together aesthetically play a major role in setting the general atmosphere and tone for the rest of the house. For instance, decorating your bathroom with scented candles, bathroom metal wall art, matching towels, and shelves filled with flowers and artwork can set the tone for the whole house. Even if people do not spend so much time in the bathroom, compared to other rooms, it has to keep the same tone as the other rooms in the house. People who choose to decorate their bathrooms say about themselves that they care a lot about every little corner in their house.

A lot of people see your bathroom

Last but not least, always take into consideration that a lot of people will see your bathroom. When you have a guest, apart from the living room or the hallway, they are most likely to go to your bathroom. Everyone needs to use the bathroom at one point. The judgmental ones will tag your house according to how your bathroom looks like. That is why you need to ensure your small bathroom is well decorated and it can leave a great impression on your guests. Therefore, your bathroom is that space, which you should not neglect decorating. Using a bathroom metal wall art is the easiest way to decorate a room. It has style, elegance, and it does not occupy
any functional space.

How to decorate your small bathroom

We can all agree that a bathroom can be a significant challenge when it comes to decoration. A bathroom is
typically a small space, designed mostly for its functionality than for the ambiance purpose. While large and spacious bathrooms exist (good for you if you have one), they are not the norm. Most of the time, a bathroom must squeeze a lot of functional devices into a rather small area. The simplest way to decorate small bathrooms is to concentrate on the wall design. Shelves, pictures and a bathroom wall art can be enough to create a fairy atmosphere for you and your family. Our wall arts can set different tones in your bathroom, depending on your preferences. You can add an exotic tone with our pineapple bathroom wall art, or a cozy atmosphere with our sleeping panda wall art. No matter what you chose, all wall decorations will add a great taste to your bathroom design. The black metal of our wall arts can match with any color in your bathroom,
and the durable material will guarantee a long life in your small, cozy place.